PlanningWiz is an online floor planner that allows anyone to create from simple to very complex home designs, in both 2D and 3D.


If you have a web presence around real estate, property development and building renovations, by including our 2D & 3D floor plans creator tool your audience would benefit from an additional point of attraction and engagement (users spend an average 30 minutes into our tool!) and you would earn an extra kickback from PlanningWiz.


PlanningWiz is a freemium application. Anyone can create 5 floor plans for free, to experience the planner and understand if it fits the requirements. The planner also offers extra premium functions, which can be used for against subscription (two monthly subscription packages of $10.90 and $15.90).


floor planner for affiliate program



For each customer who visits PlanningWiz web site through the link at your website, and who subscribes for PlanningWiz software from PlanningWiz as a result of your link, PlanningWiz will pay to you a commission 20% of subscription price for payments that are billed and collected during your partnership tenure. The payment will fly to you when a customer completes a purchase within 120 days from clicking on your referral link.


Plus, we provide our affiliates with helpful resources to make their work easier – copy templates and high conversion banners. We are very open and supportive with our partners (and in general :), so you can rely on us for anything needed.


Joining our PlanningWiz Affiliate Marketing Program is free. For more info just check our website or a 2-min video on how the floor planner works.


If any interest contact me directly at