Room planning software for
furniture retailers and manufacturers.


Furniture retailers worldwide use PlanningWiz to allow buyers plan
and preview their spaces with furniture products prior to purchase
and to generate a database of registered profiled prospects.

Online floor planner to support sales growth and engage customers:

Increased Conversion Rate

By offering your customers the chance to insert your products into their floor plans you actually empower them. Seeing upfront whether or not a product fits in the planned space has been proven to shorten by up to 50% the time used to make the purchase decision. This means your prospects are less likely to visit your competitor’s website or store and to delay the actual purchase. All in all, the floor plan software can bring you significant sales turnover increases.

Support for the Sales Team

State of the art technology, such as PlanningWiz floor planner, is a resource that your sales force needs to perform at optimum levels. The room planner is a valuable tool that empowers your agents to draw and plan customers’ spaces with your products. Customers will be presented with various product arrangements, they can visualize how the space looks like with your products prior to purchase.

Reduced Return Rates

The PlanningWiz space planning software helps your customers find out if the furniture fits their space in terms of color, size, and position before they actually buy it. Their access to all this information beforehand greatly reduces the risk of misfits and the likelihood of returning the merchandise.

Lead Generation

To save and access their floor plans prospects must register on the PlanningWiz floor planner. By using the included Reporting Area you can get the contact details and the items prospects have worked with, which will give you a good idea of their preferences. Acting upon them can make a significant difference in your sales figures.

Differentiator for Your Brand

The PlanningWiz room planner allows you to add value to your offer in a simple and cost-effective way and thus outdo your competitors. By adding the PlanningWiz room designer to your service, you provide your site visitors with valuable information about your products in the comfort of their homes. By creating and printing the floor plans with itemized furniture lists all branded with your logo they will remember you.

Better Presales Service

A PlanningWiz room planner integrated with your website or as a tool for your sales team provides your customers with the option to preview how your products fit their spaces prior to purchase. This additional service, along with the printed floor plans with itemized lists all branded with your logo, will improve their experience and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Furniture buyers love using PlanningWiz


Website visitors launch directly from your website a customized edition of PlanningWiz to easily create customized layouts with furniture arrangements on their floor plans.


  • Launches directly from your website


  • Populated with generic furniture icons or with your customized product icons
  • Preview furniture layouts in 2D and 3D
  • Save, print and share the customized layouts


  • Wears your branding
  • Unlimited saved projects
  • Unlimited accounts


The app reveals the contact information for prospective customers and what furniture items they are interested in.


  • Powerful reporting area to identify interested buyers

Easy to set up in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

In 5 – 10 since receiving the first monthly fee we set up a customized & branded edition of PlanningWiz. All we require is your logo.

Step 2

You receive the link to your floor planner for review & we integrate your feedback.

Step 3

You integrate the floor planner app in your website. Branded domain name is included. If needed we assist this process without  additional charges.



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