PlanningWiz is a powerful online room planner software with easy-to-use tools that creates a positive and engaging experience to our users, through game-like environment transformation and design features.


Want to know what impact you will make on your customers’ satisfaction by enhancing your website with a PlanningWiz room designer? Over the years we have received great feedback from thousands of users, here is just a small sample of how people enjoy using PlanningWiz:


I love how easy it is to use. Being able to add colors to objects, resize objects and add different flooring to the plans are excellent options to have. – 33 years old, USA


Damn easy to use. Bashed out my first room in about 15 minutes and then an additional 2 rooms in another 5. Very intuitive and easy to use. – 38 years old, Austria


I am not a fast intuitive learner so at first I had trouble with everything. My 14 year old grandson helped me get started. By the time I finished placing furniture in new house I had learned a lot on my on. – 76 years old, Memphis, USA


I loved being able to determine whether my couch would fit in our living room before purchasing it. Thank you!


Flexible software and user friendly functions, quick understood – 27 years old, Belgium


Very cool tool… me & my fiancee used it to plan our flat and it REALLY helped… THANKS! – 25 years old, programmer, Egypt


I am a 39 years old self employed woman who lives in Mesa Arizona. And I absolutely LOVE this program. Your program is so self explanatory it’s wonderful. Thank you