The PlanningWiz online or in-store business room planner can be more than an entertaining gadget for your website customers.

Using our experience and feedback gathered from clients using PlanningWiz all over the world, we have developed this purposeful document. This guide aims to help you use PlanningWiz to maximize its positive impact on your business results.

In case you’ve missed Part I: 3-Step Room Planner Visibility Checklist.

In case you’ve missed Part II: Employ Tactics for the PlanningWiz Leads Database

Business Boosting Tip Number 3: Take Advantage of Your PlannigWiz Room Planner Adaptability

The PlanningWiz room planner can become part of your communication tactics through various communication chanels. Below is a list of our recommended Top 5 free publicity chanels, based on PlanningWiz clients’feedback:

1. Newsletters. You can easily find PlanningWiz related themes for your newsletters: advice on different features, reminding that it is a free tool, user guides, news and updates.

2. Reviews: Include info about your free online room planner in any reviews and “how-to” articles written for online/local newspapers, magazines, or trade publications in which your brand benefits are mentioned.

3. Barters: Make partnerships with complementary business owners (like tile shops, rugs retailers, interior designers, architects, etc) to advertise on one another’s websites, store, etc.

4. Participate in online discussion groups/forums on space & room planning and room decoration and offer lots of helpful advice, based on your clients experience with the room planner.

5. Business gatherings: During trade shows, industry events or other business gatherings, make sure you hand out media kits or printed materials that point to the benefits brought to your clients by the free room planner experience.

To capture everything in a nutshell, PlanningWiz  is a valuable lead generation and as a sales tool. Using it to the top of its potential will help you boost your business results and support sales & profitability growth.

Enjoy using the PlanningWiz room planner and seeing your business grow!

Don’t forget: for any suggestions, observations or inquiries you are welcome to write to our Business Support team at!