Furniture placement preview in 3D.

Having a room planner on your website will boost your furniture sales. Convincing prospects to buy furniture from you can prove quite challenging in the highly competitive market of today. Not knowing upfront how the desired furniture fits in the allocated space is the reason of delayed purchase decision, returns or visits to the competition.

As few furniture items come with low price tags, buyers often look for ways to minimize their risks. This issue can be addressed by vendors with surprising ease and low investments. All it takes is to add an intuitive room planner to their websites and have their personnel use the planner on site to prepare accurate plans for would be customers with a few mouse clicks. Monetary gains are not the only positive outcomes of using such a solution. Customer perceptions of brands that make their lives easier with room planners also improve significantly.

Furniture manufacturers or vendors would enjoy at least these benefits from integrating a room planner with their web site:

Improved sales

By offering prospective customers the chance to preview their products in a room plan vendors empower them. A customer who sees upfront that a product fits in the planned space makes the purchase decision significantly faster than one who does not. This means prospects are less likely to visit the competitors’ web sites or store and to delay the actual purchase. All in all, the room planner can bring vendors important increases in sales.

Fewer returns

A room planning software helps customers find out if the furniture fits their space in terms of size, position, color and texture before they actually buy it. This information greatly reduces the risk of misfits and the likelihood of merchandise returns.

Differentiator for the manufacturer’s or vendor’s brand

A room planner allows manufacturers and vendors to add value to their offer in a simple and cost-effective way. This also helps outdo competitors who do not adopt such a solution. A room planner provides site visitors with valuable information about products in the comfort of their homes. By creating and printing the room plans with lists of furniture all branded with the company logo, site visitors will most likely remember you and become paying, long term customers.

Lead building

To save and access their floor plans prospects must register on the room planner. This information is saved for vendors, who can then act upon the contact details and the products prospects have shown interest in. Addressing the real needs of these highly qualified leads can make a significant difference on sales figures.

How to choose a room planner?

Some of the available solutions are affordable and have no strings attached. Other solutions are high end, offering fancy features at substantial rates.

There are solution providers that offer free custom trial version of their planners. Some of them even brand the demo versions with the client’s distinctive elements.

The market for online room and floor planners has been showing a boom lately. This trend is expected to continue for a long time. Online purchases of furniture have been on the rise in most if not all the developed countries. This means that the planners are here to stay. Their degree of sophistication is expected to grow with the tightening competition and prices to either reach a plateau or to diminish, to the benefit of us all.