Below is a short list of the benefits you can expect to enjoy after enhancing your website with a floor designer.


Once added to a website, the planner usually becomes its central feature, attracting, engaging and finally converting users into identified leads.


Besides generating customer engagement by allowing your website visitors to easily design & furnish their interiors, our clients consider that the planner pays for itself almost immediately in new sales, here how:


✓ Users register in order to save the designs. The Reporting Area tool offers access to the the contact information of the interested buyer and the furniture they’ve worked with; this is a powerful sales tool that provides a steady stream of highly qualified leads.


✓ You can advertise targeted promotions by employing all the customer usage information tracked by the planner.


✓ You will have visibility to all the room plans designed by your customers and the ability to find more about their consumer behavior.


✓ Users can print floor plans with your brand and contact information that will help to drive them into your store.