The success of a room planner for a business is directly related to the amount of advertising that is made for the respective planner. This sentence is as good as a quote, as far as we are concerned.


With PlanningWiz you are offering a free and powerful design tool that increases the time users spend on your website and engages them with your offer. But if your users are hardly aware of it, they can’t enjoy it and you won’t be able to see much profitable outcome.


In case you’ve missed Part I: 3-Step Room Planner Visibility Checklist.


You should make sure that your room planner is prominently signalized, both online and offline, and you have checked the basics to reaping out serious benefits from it.


Next to come is our favorite one: exploring and employing the user data the planner collects from your website behind the scenes. This being said, please allow us to introduce you to the:



Business Boosting Tip Number 2: Make Use of Your PlanningWiz Planner Leads


The analytics of the planner create all the extra magic. In this place your anonymous web traffic is converted into registered prospects. You get here a steady stream of highly qualified leads, ready to use. You can track the contact details of the registered users and what products they are interested in. This is all you ever wanted to know about your users.


Below are 5 ideas for employing the user database your room planner generates:


1. Advertise sales promotions


2. Highlight some of the most popular features of the planner


3. Advertise in-store events


4. Include short written or visual guide on how to use certain planner features


5. Consider a campaign for those who have developed a plan in the last two weeks, or for those who have developed more than one plan.


* The reporting area allows you to properly segment registered users information. Based on this you can create targeted promotional campaigns based on the well segmented data received from registrants.  This is a great way to reduce your marketing cost per lead and increase your marketing return on investment and profitability.


Always remember to employ the planner generated database along with your current ones when creating a new marketing campaign.

to be continued…