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Relocating Tips & Tricks

Relocating? Here are a few services that might come in handy.


Relocating isn’t easy.

For one thing, it usually happens quickly, and, for another, there are a ton of different logistics to consider. It’s easy to see how people can get overwhelmed trying to manage this process.

That said, though, with the right tools at hand, it’s absolutely possible to get through your move without breaking a sweat.

With that in mind, we’ve brought you a list of relocation resources that you can use to help put your mind at ease. Read on below to learn more about how each one can assist you in your move and to sort out which ones will work best for you.

Relocation resources

Relocation Coordinates International

Relocation Coordinates International is a great choice for those who want to make their move a one-step process. The Relocation Managers at RCI will take the time to talk to you about your specific needs for the move and then coordinate the details on your behalf. They offer a range of services including home sale assistance, new area tours, moving help, and even employment coaching.


SuiteAmerica is a midway solution between a full relocation service and short-term housing. They offer both housing options and destination services, meaning that they will help you get settled in your new locale. They also come with a unique concierge service that will help you take care of all the small details of your move, right down to having groceries in the fridge by the time you arrive.

City Data

Want to get the scoop on your new area? City Data is a great resource for finding out about the area you’ll soon call home. It includes numeric stats on factors like population growth and median income.

Neighborhood Scout

Once you’ve done your search on City Data, you can start to narrow in on specific neighborhoods using Neighborhood Scout. This website provides data on crime rates, school district rankings, and local real estate values.

Short-Term Housing

Churchill Living

Churchill Living is an apartment search website with a twist. They specialize in short-term, furnished housing. With a presence in multiple neighborhoods throughout Southern California, users can search for their ideal rental based on filters like location, budget, and amenities.


UNIROOM is a month-to-month housing resource that offers hotel-like flexibility. Rather than signing a lease, users can select the specific dates of their stay and are given a per-night price for apartment-style living. The only catch is that all stays must be longer than 30 days.


A more legitimate alternative to Craigslist, Flip allows users to search through available sublets in order to find one that suits their needs. It also offers an additional level of security in the form of provided rental agreements and secure payment options.


You’ve already heard of Airbnb for vacation rentals, but did you know that they also offer monthly stays? If you’re looking for a short-term housing solution where everything is included in a single fee, Airbnb is often a much more affordable option than standard corporate housing.

Furniture rental

Brook Furniture Rental

Brook Furniture Rental makes furnishing your home easy. You can either select individual pieces to rent or have them build a custom package for you based on your aesthetic preferences.

Fashion Furniture Rental

Fashion Furniture Rental is unique because it offers both furniture rental and staging options. They also simplify the selection process by allowing you to select rental packages by room or for your whole apartment in one go.

Court Home Furniture Rental

Those who are moving rather quickly should consider using Court Home Furniture Rental. This nationwide service boasts a 48-hour delivery guarantee. There’s also a variety of discounts available for students and military families.

This article originally appeared on OpenListings.