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PlanningWiz Benefits

How useful is a floor planner for the furniture industry? From our experience and from the experience of our customers, who are successfully using the planner, we found the following main benefits:



1.Better engagement with the prospective clients

  • Answers to the question “Will this fit in my space?”
  • Presents your products in an interactive way
  • Provides additional information about the products and your customers are more prepared when visiting the store.


2. Support in the sales process

  • Strengthens and supports the buying process online
  • Facilitates the selling by allowing you to use less time and resources in the process
  • Gives you the opportunity to present prebuilt designs showing your products for a faster sell.


3. Qualified leads

  • Provides you the Reporting Area panel with the accounts registered
  • Allows you to analyze the user’s profile and preferences.


4. Increased preference for your brand

  • Keeps the potential buyer more on your website, thus the greater the chances to visit your store
  • Helps you keep up with the trends because the better the tools you give the consumer, the better the experience with your brand
  • Supports you to create and maintain a loyalty program.