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How to Export a Floor Plan


How to Export a Project

The Export floor plan allows anyone to download a local copy of the floor plan. One can choose between various file formats and resolutions for the exported file.

The Export floor plan feature is available to all logged in users. If you are not logged in you are prompted to do so in order to access the Export plan feature.

The export formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, SVG) can be accessed by anyone. The resolution of the export depends on the subscription package, as below:

FREE account can export VGA (640*480 pixel) and SVGA (800*600 pixel) quality.
GROW subscribers can export XGA (1024*768), 1/4 Plan Size and 1/3 Plan Size.
PRO subscribers can export HD 720p (1280*720), HD1080p (1920*1080) Half Plan Size and Full Plan Size.

1/4 Plan Size, 1/3 Plan Size, Half Plan Size and Full Plan Size resolutions are related to the real size of the floor project you have created. 100 pixels equal 100 cm (or 39.37 inches). For example if you have a room that is sized 3 to 4 meters (aprox 9 to 13 feet), exporting it to the Full Plan Size resolution will result in a resolution of 300 to 400 pixels.

How does exporting works?

Click the Export floor plan button when you are ready to export:

export plan button

Select the export method according to the file type you need and the export resolution according to the size you need and the subscription package you are into.

Yellow stars mark the features that are unlocked under the GROW plan. Orange stars mark the features that require the PRO plan (the PRO plan unlocks all resolutions, including those unlocked under the GROW plan):