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How to Add Furniture and Decor


The Products catalog includes furniture and decor items for any space type. All the items are set by default to real life sizes, and they can be resized as well. You will find lot of items required for Living Room, Office, Dining, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Appliances & Fixtures, Bedrooms, Fitness, Playrooms, Gardens, Vehicles, Lighting, Kid rooms and Decorations.


You can search a specific item in the search tool:

search specific products













or browse the various furniture categories:
browse product categories

























Place furniture
To add icons to the work area, click and drag them to the desired position. Once icons are placed they can be modified:

drag and drop product into the work area











To change the dimensions of an item, click to select it first, then choose the small “i” icon to edit its properties. You can change its width, length, and height, set a ground height (this is for having the item raised from the floor in the 3D view), duplicate (creates a copy of the item), rotate, set to an exact angle or flip it:

edit product properties










Change color
Once selected, some products display a small paintbrush icon. Where this option is present you can set another color:

colorize a product, where this option is available